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Sustainable development


Sustainable development in the international context

Origin and evolution of the global sustainable development initiatives

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Sustainable development in the European context

Strategies, indicators, programs and actions at European level

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Sustainable development in Spain

Main insturment and participation forums on national sustainability

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Sustainable development in Asturias

Sustainable Development Strategy of the Principality of Asturias

Document outlining the key challenges and goals of sustainable development in Asturias

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Observatory of Sustainability in the Princedom of Asturias

Purpose, operation and main functions. Green Job Centre in Asturias

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Environmental information system

Tools for monitoring and evaluation of sustainable development in our region

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Local sustainability in Asturias

Local Agenda 21 Network in Asturias and sustainable municipalities Asturias21

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Tools for sustainability in Asturias

The EMAS Environmental Management System in Asturias

Registration and implementation of the EMAS Regulation in Asturias. Information on other environmental management systems

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La etiqueta ecológica de la UE en Asturias_en

La etiqueta ecológica de la UE en Asturias_en

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Environmental commitment of the asturian organizations

Environment in Corporate Social Responsibility. Voluntary agreements and investment

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Green Taxation in Asturias

Tax deductions for environmental investment. Environmental taxes in Asturias

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